Are We Ready To Use And Buy This Male Birth Control Pill?

For years, clinical researches and experiments have been conducted concerning the development of a male birth control pill. Reports have stated advancements of these trials and experiments and a lot of people are starting to wonder if we really are close to that age where male birth control will be available just how female birth control and contraceptives are today. But the real and interesting question is ‘Are we ready for the dawn of male contraceptives?’

This particular query may draw an obvious line between opposing genders. It’s quite safe to assume that females will be instantly delighted with this news since it would mean that they will no longer bear the burden themselves in terms of birth control contraception.

The men, on the other hand, may or may not opt to buy male birth control if it becomes commercial for various reasons. But who knows? We still have to see how this birth control pill for males will fair in the world market once they’re out and if it will heat things up just like any other birth control methods that came before it.

In all fairness, not only the topic of these so-called ‘pills of men’ is subject to endless debates. Even the whole concept of birth control is still an ongoing hot discussion up to now. And so, it’s not really that surprising if male birth control pills attract more controversy than other male birth control methods and alternatives. In addition to that, there aren’t even many forms of male birth control to start with. We can only break it down to three male birth control options.

The first is to avoid sexual intercourse which has been found to be something most males rarely agree to, let alone do. The other one is through surgical methods, the most popular example of which is vasectomy. Again, not something men are so much fond of. But who’s willing to undergo for an operation anyways? If it’s not that necessary, will you be glad to let these doctors slice and cut you up? Guess not.

The last option, on the other hand, is what most people, not only men, are commonly using – the barrier method wherein male condoms are the most popular. Aside from the male birth control pill, it has been reported that a male birth control shot or injection is also underway.

Because of this news, many studies, sites and articles online have shared several information on what the pill might look like, how it will work and the possible health effects and potential problems it might bring. Yet there are no concrete details or explanation with regards to its real function since everything is still being developed.

We may have to wait for a few years or so for the actual answer to the aforementioned question. But whether men or women are ready for the ‘birth’ of male contraceptives, if it will turn out to be very useful to couples and to the community as a whole, would people’s perceptions really matter that much?

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